hotel la libertad

Hotels in La Libertad

La Libertad is the home of the best surf spot in the country Punta Roca, but as culture is not the most popular place to stay, several years ago it was known as one of the most dangerous place for international surf travelers, Right now the goverment and the local community is working hard to change this reputation re-building it and making it one of the safer place to stay. All the town is full of restaurants infront of the ocean but still missing a variaty of accommodation, we post a couple accommodations available in this area for surf travelers looking to surf the best wave of the country.

Pacific Sunrise

Pacific Sunrise probably is one of the hotels that follows most of the international standards, room totally equipped with air conditioner, and private bathroom, the hotel is located in Playa El Obispo with one of the best ocean view of the town.

La Posada de Don Lito

Posada de Don Lito, is an accommodation about 50 years old, located in the middle of the tourism area known as "Malecon" infront of La Paz pointbreak, that is the last section of Punta Roca with big swells, the hotel have rooms with air conditioner and swimmingpool, and short walking distance from the main spot of Punta Roca.

La Libertad Las Terrazas

Exclusive accommodation, confortable suites accommodations with air conditioner, ocean view and walking distance from Punta Roca pointbreak, offer a high standard and quality in the area, clean and safe rooms with restaurant and first class service.