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Surf Resorts and hotels are available in the different locations, we post several options for all type of travelers, beach towns in La Libertad offer lower rates for backpacker but also confortable accommodations, at uncrowd areas, accommodations are with more confort, private and quiet enviroment, you can book tour packages with meals and activities included.

Playa El Tunco

Playa El Tunco is located in La Libertad department right in the middle of the country, located just 30 kms from the capital city and also the same distance from the international airport, Playa El Tunco is probably the most visited beach town in the country. our surfcamp accommodation is located steps away from two world class breaks ( La Bocana and Sunzal) and a short distance from the best surf in the west coast including Punta Roca, El Zonte, K.59, K.61 and Mizata.

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Playa Las Flores

is located right next to world class point-break “Las Flores”, this is the best surfing spot in all of the eastern part of El Salvador a region known as “The Wild East” .  In addition to Las Flores, there are other breaks (Punta Mango, La Vaca, Toro de Oro, El Cuco Beach-break, Punta Bongo). Both Punta Mango and Punta Bongo are only accessible by boat.

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Playa El Zonte

The chill intimate hostel its known for its lovely garden and fresh fruits smoothies, with comfortable well kept rooms (private or dorm style), a welcoming in door common space, a refreshing pool, internet access and of course our four friendly dogs,

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Playa K59

The property offers two spacious rooms in which you will enjoy from the comfort of your bed the incredible views of the place and the waves. Each room is furnished with two beds and an extra bed if necessary, private bathroom, air conditioner, and all the comforts a house gives: living and dining room, terrace, all with sea view. The property has big gardens around the house, that can you permit to see all different colors of flowers, coconut trees and a green garden area.

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