K59 Beach

Also known as Chutia, Is located at the km 59 of the litoral road, 29 kms away from the city of Puerto de La Libertad, next to the popular beach town of Playa El Tunco and Playa El Zonte, the beach is a rocky area during the rain season separated from a rivermouth in one side makes the popular wave and spot of K59 and in the other side k61, the hard access from the Litoral road make this spot very quiet and not crowd most of the time, there are just a couple rooms available infront of the surf spot with all inclussive service..

Surf House accommodation

offers to you two spacious rooms in which you will enjoy from the comfort of your bed the incredible views of the place and the waves. Each room is furnished with two beds and an extra bed if necessary, private bathroom, air conditioner, and all the comforts a house gives: living and dining room, terrace, all with sea view. The property has big gardens around the house, that can you permit to see all different colors of flowers, coconut trees and a green garden area

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The surf

K59 is known as one of the premier right-hand point breaks in El Salvador El Salvador has rightly earned its reputation as the land of magical right-hand point breaks. The country offers the highest density of quality point breaks in Latin America. It is a natural-footers dream destination. Though lesser known than its more high-profile cobblestone counterparts Punta Roca and Punta Mango, k59's cobble-stone point is one of the best right-handed waves in El Salvador. It is likely one of the best spots you will ever surf. K59 is situated in a gated community with limited public access in order to maintain the privacy and comfort of K59's owners and guests. The set up is designed to keep the crowds to a minimum. Just a short, ten minute walk down the rocky beach is k61, another cobble-stone-bottomed point break that can be slightly more challenging than k59. You will earn your afternoon siesta paddling out at k61. Taking a walk into the jungle-covered mountains or rocky headlands above the ocean is also a wonderful way to pass the time. The views from the mountains around k59 are breath-taking.

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