Bocana - surf spot Playa El Tunco.

The most popular left hand wave in the country, Bocana is the intermediate to advance surf spot in the popular Playa El Tunco beach town, is a rocky rivermouth with right and left section, the right section is the wave for surfers looking for uncrowd wave in the busy town.

The spot is better in hight tides, is very consistence and a very exposure spot, with middle size swells this spot can get bigger than others, and probably un-surfable with the biggest swell, is a powerfull wave, hard as a beach break but with rocky bottom.

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Accommodation in this spot

Because is located in El Tunco beach town there are several places with different quality and rates available to surf this spot you can check our hotels in Playa El Tunco and find the best according with your need and expectatives.

Playa El Tunco

El Tunco beach is a small extention of beach in the middle of this area, the main spot is Sunzal pointbreak that is the hearth of all the town. The town is where you find the night life of La Libertad during the weekends, bars and restaurants with live music local bands every week! Popular for young visitors and also popular for the friendly local crew.