cocal point break

Cocal Pointbreak - La Libertad

Cocal Pointbreak, some guys named "the gigant sleeping", this surf spot has a similar consistence than Punta Roca, is just breaking the half of the year as it, during the dry season this spot is flat, as soon the wave season start in March the pointbreak start to show up, is a rocky rivermouth with two different beach break next to it, the wave is for intermediate and advance, is a perfect wave with the right conditions, very similar than Punta Roca with a shorter distance, hollow, strong, stand up solid wall wave, a great spot to improve the surf skills for intermediate surfers.

Surf Resport and Forecast


Accommodation in this spot.

About a five minute drive from the beach city of La Libertad but it’s like your thousand miles away in your own little piece of paradise. the hotel offer rooms and suite accommodaion with air conditioner, private bathrooms, our restaurant specialties, grilled seafood and traditional Salvadoran cuisine served naturally on our patio with a beach view.