mizata point

Surf spots Playa Mizata

The surf in Playa Mizata is totally uncrowd, the rivermouth makes a right pointbreaks, next to the point is a middle section with rocky bottom but beach break conditions with pick left and rights, then the sandy beach break with right and left sections too but with sandy bottom, at the end of the sandy beach there is other section named slap, shaped rock inside the ocean that make the wave break right in low tides. All the different picks are totally uncrowd most of the time. Is a great spot for dry season because the waves get bigger than most of the spots around when the swell is small.

The surf is very consistent, water is clean and warm and best of all, most of the time you will have uncrowded waves to yourself, unlike Sunzal and Tunco, which, these days, seem as crowded as most surfing spots at home.

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Accommodation at Playa Mizata

Surf Resort accommodation provide large, comfortable rooms, several with king size beds, all with unobstructed views of the ocean, Each room has its own private terrace, air conditioning, satellite TV, hot water, and internet availability. The rooms, set amongst lush landscaped grounds, are quiet and private. Our infinity edge pool is nestled along the river’s edge, looking out to the famous point break. The restaurant features a large palapa covered dining area, where a variety of National and International dishes are served at reasonable prices.