Wild East - Punta Mango pointbreak

Punta Mango is the most hollow wave in all El Salvador, great spot for tube riders, 15 min. West of Las Flores. Access: boat. Powerful right cobblestone point break w/200m rides with the best swells. It is has a hollow take off with a serious barrel at size and a hollow inside section. It works on a 3ft+ swell and all tides, but 4-7 ft SW is best. Closes out with big swell over 8 feet. Reef booties are recommended. The hollowest wave in the region, but also the most wind sensitive. Experienced surfers only even when small, due to currents and shallow inside rocks.

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The Wild East Playa Las Flores

Playa Las Flores is located in the department of San Miguel in the East side of the pacific coast line of El Salvador, Playa Las Flores had been one of the main surf destination in El Salvador since several years ago, surf resorts and hotels with first class services available.