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Punta Roca pointbreak

La Libertad has one of the best right hand point breaks in Central America and the best in the country, is El Salvador's surf capital, with surf shops, board rentals and repair shops. Punta Roca (Rock Point) hosts regional and international surfing championships. It is known for its fast and hollow waves, many of which break for 100–200 yards (90–180m)

.The main break extends from La Punta to the township, a distance of about 800m, although single rides do not normally connect the sections through the whole distance. There are three main sections: the top of the point is a hollow and fast wave called "La Punta". The middle section is in front of the cemetery. The inside cove, fronting the town's restaurants, is called "La Paz"

The main takeoff is close to a dangerous rock which often sticks out of the water, and has caused injuries. Surfing is good on all tides, although low tide probably produces more barreled waves.

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Accommodation in this spot

Accommodation in La Libertad at the malecon in Playa La Paz, rooms with air conditioner, private bathrooms and cable tv.