Sunzal Pointbreak

Sunzal is the most popular spot in all the country, is an amazing wave, huge spot with several sections, the most consistence spot in Central America, this pointbreak is breaking all year around, all tides, swell sizes and direction, this is the reason of the growing development in Playa El Tunco beach town. The point is a classic wave for all levels, better for intermediate, longboarders and beginners, is a big, fat, long pointbreak. This is the spot to surf with huge swells.

Surf Resport and Forecast


Playa El Tunco

Playa El Tunco is located in La Libertad department right in the middle of the country, located just 30 kms from the capital city and also the same distance from the international airport, Playa El Tunco is probably the most visited beach town in the country.

Accommodation at this spot

Sunzal is right infront of El Tunco villages, different type of accommodations are available, right infront of it you find the most exclusive hotels and inside the town of El Tunco you find several hostels and hotels with different rates and confort.