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( Season Oct-March )Surf School in El Salvador are totally mobil, works in beaches that offers the perfect conditions to learn as Sunzal Beach, La Paz and San Blas each one very closely located to the surf hotels and surfcamps, The schools programs open during 6 months a year, this is during the dry season from november to march, in those months El Salvador coast line taks the smallest swells of the year and is pefect for beginners or intermediate surfers who want to improve their surfing skills, the school have different experienced surf instructors, is a team that will help you learn all the levels until you will be able to catch the waves.

The programs usually start with lessons at the beach infront of the hotel or surfcamp, but the surf school will provide you transportation to different spots according with the conditions and weather, our surf instructors are also the best guides in the country to know exacly the best spot according with the student skills and the area.

Depending on the level of surfing, the instructor will guide you and help you to improve your surfing skills, in our surf schools programs first the student learn about the ocean, the tides and the relationship with the sport, the student learn about awareness, priority rules, and get use to the surfboard, learn the best way of paddling, and wave riding, Also learn abou the creation of the waves, tide changes, seasons and all the basic information to understand the basic rules of surf.

For intermediate surfers our school programs are basis more in surf different types of waves, provide surf lessons and transportation to different surf spots every morning with video couching and photos session to help you to improve your skills. If the waves get small you will be able to find out more about the country and take tours to differents destinations.

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The surfcamp location is in La Libertad, the surfschool is totally mobil, our home is in Playa El Zonte and Playa El Tunco, but lessons are provided in different locations according with the surf instructor program, accommodations is available at our school home or we also arrange accommodations in different location, Who better to learn than from the best. As a founder of the salvadorian surf federation, Alex is also the only surf instructor in the country certified for the international surf association.

Our surf school highly recommends a lesson if you are new to these breaks. We are the first to brag these waves rock, but also that they deserve respect and there is no pain in hitting them at least once with one of these local experts.

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Payments and cancellation

Reservations/Deposits: Reservation deposit required to book any package, if reservation is made within 30 days of arrival 50% prepayment is required by paypal. If Reservation is made before 30 days of arrival a 15% deposit is required. Cancellation Policy: 50% refund for cancellations made between 15 and 30 days prior to arrival. If the reservation Reservations could be rescheduled with a fee of $50.00 and according availability (subject to any change in rate if rescheduled for high season).

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