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El Salvador Surf Travel Information

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, and one of the smallest in all America, but what makes this country a special surf destination is that it has one of the most concentration of great quality right hand pointbreaks in all America, because is a small country is very easy to visit it, the roads are in perfect conditions and the international airport have direct flights from majors cities in United States.

total area: 8,124 sq mi (21,040 sq km)

Population (2012 est.): 6,090,646 (growth rate: 0.3%); birth rate: 17.44/1000; infant mortality rate: 19.66/1000; life expectancy: 73.69; density per sq km: 341

Capital city: San Salvador, 1,534,000

Other large cities: Santa Ana, 167,200; San Miguel, 145,100; Zacatecoluca, 36,700

Currency: U.S. dollar

Geographic information

Situated on the Pacific coast of Central America, El Salvador has Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east. It is the smallest of the Central American countries, with an area equal to that of Massachusetts, and it is the only one without an Atlantic coastline. Most of the country is on a fertile volcanic plateau about 2,000 ft (607 m) high.


The Pipil Indians, descendants of the Aztecs, likely migrated to the region in the 11th century. In 1525, Pedro de Alvarado, a lieutenant of Cortés's, conquered El Salvador.

El Salvador, with the other countries of Central America, declared its independence from Spain on Sept. 15, 1821, and was part of a federation of Central American states until that union dissolved in 1838. For decades after its independence, El Salvador experienced numerous revolutions and wars against other Central American republics. From 1931 to 1979 El Salvador was ruled by a series of military dictatorships.

Surf Information

The surf in El Salvador is divided in two major knowns areas, the first one where you will find the most consistence surf is La Libertad, this location is closer from the capital city and also from the international airport, just 30 kms away, there you find popular spots like Punta Roca, Sunzal, El Zonte, K59 and others around all of them with rocky bottom, the surf in this area can't be easier, there are one spot every 10 kms driving west from the main city of La Libertad, the roads are in perfect shape and access to the beach is available in almost all the spots.

The other popular surf area is located in the East side of El Salvador, the most popular surf break is Playa Las Flores next to the beach town of El Cuco, the surf here is less consistence, the sandy flat long beaches makes to this spots the necessity of big swells, the quality of the waves are impressive with the right conditions, sourounded by natural enviroment, in this area the access get harder, dirt roads or boat trips are the options to search other spots, one of the most popular is Punta Mango. because is less consistence you also will find less spots in this area.

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