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El Salvador is one of the smallest country in America and the road system and comunication is in perfect conditions, making it a great country to move around and visit most of the spots without travel for hours. You are able to be at the beach and at the mountains in a couple hours, there are different options in daily trips visiting amazing lakes and volcanoes, archeaology sites and colonial history, we bring you several options of trips and activities bellow!

The international airport of Comalapa ( SAL ) is located 44 km south from the capital city and almost the same distance east from La Libertad. Flights available from the major cities in United States, Houston, Washington, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New york, you can search flights with different airlines UA, AA, Avianca-Taca, Delta, Continental and Spirit. From South America we have flights with Copa airlines from Panama and Avianca from different cities like Bogota, Lima, Costa Rica, Caracas. from Europe direct flight from Madrid or connection from USA, Mexico and Panama with KLM and Lufthansa. The airport is located outside of the city and buses are not available. To book airport transfer in advance is the best option in case the traveler doesn't speak spanish language.

Being located in the middle of Central America, El Salvador offers the ease and accessibility to the entire Central American region, in a few hours you can travel to countries like Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, which is why we offer tours to different destinations of all Central American countries, Buses available from San Salvador city and also shuttle buses from Playa El Tunco and El Zonte.

According with the number of days surf travelers have several options, for a short time to book a package with transportation will be the way to visit or surf different spots, if you just looking to relax and surf one spot there are beach towns or uncrowd spots available too.

In a trip for two weeks or more the best is to spend time in different locations and take a couple full day trip to the different activities and travel destination, you also can take weekend trip to Antigua Guatemala or Copan Ruins and have the oportunity to visit two countries in the same trip. Hire a guide for the first days to help you know the country faster, can make your holiday much easier and safe.


Lago de Coatepeque

Lago de Coatepeque is located a few hours away from the pacific coastline of El Salvador. The area is known as Volcano Comples, and is included at the natural area El Volcan de Izalco, Santa Ana volcanoe and Coatepeque Lake. this can be a one day tour or stay one night in one of the hotels at the shore of the lake. the place is very private and you can make activities like fishing, boat tours, diving, jetski, wave boarding. also you can take a walk around the mountains and climb the Izalco volcanoe. 

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Ataco and Ruta de Las Flores

The area is known for one of the best areas for coffee plantations in Central America, for coffe lovers the town have available the best coffee of the region in all the different coffee shops and stores. La Ruta de Las Flores includes different colonial towns Juayua, Apaneca, Nahuizalco, Salcotitlan and Ataco.

The small mountain town of Ataco is located one hour and a half away from San Salvador city and two hours from the international airport,  in the department of Ahuachapan at the west of the country.

 Ataco is just one of the four different towns that are part of what is known as "Ruta de Las Flores" what means in english "The flowers route", Ataco become very popular because you can find hostals in the town and also mountain hotels with more confort in the suroundings,  you find a few bars with live music during the nights, several restaurants with the best traditional dishes and a great weather to relax and have a quiet holiday.

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Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala offers many options such as Antigua Guatemala, a beautiful colonial city where it seems that time has stopped, Founded on March 10 1543 in the Valley Panchoy by the Spanish explorer Francisco de la Cueva, Antigua Guatemala was built to function as the seat of Government the kingdom of Guatemala, which included all of Central America, Chiapas and Tabasco in Mexico, is traditionally the best known colonial city in the region, a place that has been characterized over the years to be visited by international tourists, the perfect place for those seeking culture and history .

Ruins and Archealogy.

El Salvador is part of "Mundo Maya" or Mayan World with Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, the archealogy in El Salvador consist in different ruins and archeology sites like Tazumal, Runias de Ceren, San Andres and Casa Blanca, being the most popular and impressive Tazumal ruins and Joya de Ceren..

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