playa el tunco

Playa El Tunco

Located in the municipy of Tamanique en La Libertad, .Tamanique is a municipality in the La Libertad department of El Salvador. About 17 miles northwest of El Puerto La Libertad. Tamanique is known for coffee growing and avacodo trees. Population 5,000 including surrounding areas.The coastline is well known for be the location of Sunzal pointbreak, Bocana, and El Palmarcito beach.

El Tunco beach is a small extention of beach in the middle of this area, the main spot is Sunzal pointbreak that is the hearth of all the town. The town is where you find the night life of La Libertad during the weekends, bars and restaurants with live music local bands every week! Popular for young visitors and also popular for the friendly local crew.

Playa El Tunco Accommodation

Playa El Tunco offer to the visitors several hotels and hostals, budget accommodation for backpackers, confortable rooms and suites with a more exclusive service. there are hotels with a young party enviroment and also quiet and more private accommodation for travelers looking for a relaxing time.

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Meals and Food

The town have one of the best food in the area, different type of restaurant available, the great cocine of El Tunco beach is a mixing menu with all the small restaurants around, Mexican, pasta, pizza, chinese food, seafood, steak houses and fast food. all kind of prices and taste.