surfing el salvador

Las Flores Pointbreak

Great right point break. Less consistence during the dry season, and less consistence than most of the breaks in La Libertad area, but is one of the most perfect waves in the country, It is a sand point that breaks mechanically with a hollow takeoff at low tide (softer at high tide) and very long rides up to 300m.
The wave has many conditions depending on the swell size and tide. On swells of 6-8ft or bigger and lower tides it is a serious wave for experienced surfers , and the takeoff is critical as well as competitive, with surfers lining up and dropping in behind the rocks, and a fall here has consequences. On small to moderate swells (3-5 ft faces), or fuller tides, Las Flores is a classic sand point break, super fun on a shortboard, fish, or longboard, with long open faces and wackable wall sections. The break can shut down almost entirely at high tide if there is not much swell, but on the biggest of swells the high tide is more manageable..

Accommodation in Playa Las Flores

beach-front, secluded and private getaway that overlooks the beautiful Pacific Ocean, right next to “Las Flores” Point-break, located at Playa Las Flores, boutique surf resort with exclusive confort, rooms with air conditioner, cable tv, private bathroom and ocean view.

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